House of Floralie Corporate Gift Concierge and Luxury Gift Concierge Services in Richmond, Virginia

what is a gift concierge? House of Floralie Richmond, Virginia corporate gift concierge

A gift concierge is a detail-oriented individual who assists private and corporate clients with procuring and styling gifts as gracious as they are.

what is a gift concierge? with whom does a gift concierge work? house of floralie richmond virginia corporate gift clients

At House of Floralie, we design gifts to meet the needs of clients large and small. We currently work with Fortune 500 companies, Screenwriters, Photographers, Interior Designers, Consultants, Hedge Funds, Financial Management Firms, and an Actress or two. Our clients have an innate appreciation for beautifully packaged products that have strong maker stories.

Honestly, most of our clients are just tired of giving gift cards and don't have the bandwidth to spend a ton of time shopping for pretty things.

how does a gift concierge work? house of floralie richmond virginia corporate gift concierge

We excel at sourcing gorgeous products that are hard to find at traditional retail outlets. How? We're research hounds. In fact, many of our vendors help us to create unique options not available anywhere else. An example? A large US-based credit card company needed kosher certified fancy foods for their clients. Our answer? No problem. We worked with Sugarfina and Tea Forte to make this a reality.

We carry a wide range of products at the store that we can pull from if a client needs something quickly. However, we often work to develop personalized concepts for our clients (with vendors locally, domestically, and internationally) to create one-of-a-kind gift options that otherwise would not be available at retail.

house of floralie richmond virginia lavender rose wrapping paper designed by kk harris

All gifts delivered on behalf of our concierge clients from House of Floralie are wrapped in our signature lavender rose wrapping paper and gift boxes. Owner KK Harris designed the pattern and all gift wrap and boxes are produced in the US. We color coordinate even the smallest of details. Boxes, tissue, ribbon, and shred all effortlessly coordinate with the gift given. Having a background in brand management and equity building has taught owner KK Harris the importance of presentation and packaging. At the store, we try to make this as easy as possible for you.

Our gift boxes also function as shippers, so the gorgeous pattern is the first impression that a recipient will have when their gift is delivered in the mail. 

That being said, textile design is an in-house competency of ours and we always love the opportunity to develop a custom wrapping paper pattern or gift box. Custom designs start at $1,200.

how much does it cost to hire a gift concierge? house of floralie richmond virginia

Smaller projects with private individuals typically begin at $250, and corporate work generally starts at $1,500 annually. We will absolutely prioritize discretion and confidentiality when needed. 

To begin a project, please reach out to our Gift Concierge Rachel Haldeman ) directly.

Copy and paste these questions into the body of your email. They're standard questions we would ask for any project and a great way to get a project rolling:

  • To whom is the gift being delivered? Are y'all close friends, or, perhaps colleagues?
  • Where are they located (for packaging and shipping purposes)?
  • What's the occasion?
  • How many do you need?
  • What's your ideal budget per gift?
  • What's the emotion you would like to convey when the recipient opens the gift? (No need to overthink this one, but we find this helps us curate a little better. Examples: "Wow, they know me well." or "Cool, what a neat selection of things I've never seen.")
  • Any dietary or religious preferences? Any smells or tastes we should stay away from?


house of floralie gift concierge richmond virginia rachel haldeman

House of Floralie Gift Concierge Rachel Haldeman explains what thoughtfulness means to her in this short getting-to-know-you Q&A:

Q: You have a fashion merchandising degree and joined House of Floralie with awesome customer service experiences after working at Nordstrom and in management at Madewell. How do you define your personal sense of style?

A: I prefer a more minimal sense of style that feels easy and comfortable, but is still impressionable. I love a good capsule wardrobe with pops of unexpected, fun pieces.

Q: What does thoughtfulness mean to you?

A: To me, thoughtfulness is exceeding expectations when it comes to attention to detail in opportunities of showing intention. It's making simple things more significant and adding heart!

Q: Why did you want to work for Floralie?

A: I was first attracted to the charm of the store, than came to love the mission of the business. I love the opportunity to show hospitality and care to others, and if I can do that through a career that also includes opportunity for growth and creativity I am so thrilled! 

Q: What is the most challenging part of being a gift concierge? Most rewarding?

A: So far the most challenging part for me has been stretching myself to be a creative initiator when it comes to generating ideas. I know I have it in me, just in the past I have usually felt most comfortable in a template with predictability. In this job I am quickly realizing that every day has a fresh opportunity for generating new ideas, and each client is a blank slate to learn. But in the same sense, my biggest challenge really is the most rewarding part. I'm finding myself excited to grow through these learning curves, and also excited to use my creativity when working with clients to provide the best gifting services. 

Q: What type of products feel the most genuine and special to you? What would you like to receive as a gift?

A: Anything that makes a house feel more like a home seems like a sweet and thoughtful gift to me personally. Whether that be a nice smelling candle or a pretty vase for flowers. Anything decorative to add character to one's living space seems so special to me.

Q: Favorite color?

A: Green :)