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Milk Made


In 'Milk. Made.' chef Nick Haddow shares his experiences of making, serving and storing cheese at home, as well as give you more than 70 of his favorite recipes that celebrate cheese in its many glorious forms.

Pair with JQ Dickinson Liquid Nigari (mined in West Virginia and used with milk to make fresh cheeses like ricotta) for a truly foodie gift.

Bruny Island Cheese Co. was started by Nick Haddow after he spent 10 years working with specialist cheese makers in many different countries around the world. He and his partner Leonie settled on Bruny Island in Southern Tasmania in 2001 to start making cheese for themselves. Nick is a traditionalist, who recognises that great cheese was made for centuries before modern technology played a role and believes passionately in the old way of making and maturing cheese. For him, cheese making is a pursuit of integrity and flavour.