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Pommery Sherry Vinegar


Brand Pommery

Sealed in wax, this beautiful stone bottle makes a lovely adornment for any kitchen counter. Imported from Jerez, the historic sherry-making region of Spain, white grapes are aged in American oak casks for 6 months according to law and ancient tradition. It was in the Jerez region where Phoenicians started making wine in 1100 BC.

Why sherry vinegar? On a trip to Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, Austin and I had a private culinary experience with a sous chef where he taught us to make his favorite salad dressing. In it, he combined Blackberry Farm's onion jam with sherry vinegar and a couple of other lovely ingredients. It was a revelation. Unable to find sherry vinegar in several grocery stores, it occurred to me that it is a specialty item worth giving. So, I sought it out for the shop.